The Real & The Dupe : Timepieces

The watch in the feature image is 2.5 million dollars.It is the Patek Phillipe Grandmaster Chime which is described as a ” visionary triumph, as pleasing to the ear as to the eye, and a truly melodious companion.”

Though I do not have the wealth to acquire it (I feel like using the word “buy” is crude to Patek Phillipe ) I have compiled a list of good watches that are quite attainable and inspired by their luxury counterparts.

THE LADY LIKE – Rectangular Face

Left- Patek Phillipe $6 000                                              Right- Seiko $146

For the ultimate in elegance and femininity – nothing beats a rectangular watch with a gold face and delicate leather strap.


Left- Cartier $33 400                                                                  Right- Michael Kors $226

Of all the metals in watch-making – gold is the most captivating. It really does make its presence known and seen.This was the hardest dupe to find . I suppose nothing can quite compare to the iconic Ballon Bleu watch – even the Duchess of Cambridge religiously wears it. However there’s a Michael Kors (which is impossible to find ) that is valiantly making an effort to be quite like it.

THE FASHION GIRL – Circular and Mesh

Left- Larsson & Jennings $315                                          Right- Daniel Wellington $179

The mesh watch is generally an inexpensive watch and a current favourite of the times favoured by fashion girls as you can wear multiple bracelets and rings with out spoiling the aesthetic.


Left- Tag Heuer $ 3 795                                                        Right- Michael Kors $187

The metal that can go with absolutely anything , achieve any desired look be it sporty or chic and still dressy is silver. Period. Here there is the iconic Carrera watch by Tag Heuer which is one of my favourite watches. For dupe purposes you can rely on Mr Kors. He has got you. Always.


Left- Rolex $6 995                                                                         Right- Timex $57

There’s something very rich about a two-tone watch that looks like you inherited it as an heirloom.The old age feel just makes it one of the most luxurious watch styles to own. If this is not a steal I wonder what is?

I hope you have found this post helpful as I did enjoy writing it myself.I would love to know what your  favourite watch style is .

Timepiece Blessings,

The Fofafist


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