Savoury Fruit Salads

Just like fashion – food and all its counterparts can get a bit tired and when that happens it’s quite fun to switch it up like making things traditionally sweet quite savoury.

Here are some of my savoury sweet picks…

Watermelon, Feta and Arugula Salad

Watermelon Salad.


Watermelon– Dice it up in squares or get an ice cream scoop and make circular rounded shapes.

Feta  /Cream Cheese  – The choice of flavours and textures is entirely up to you. If you are more interested in flavour – then some matured and sour feta is great because it gives the sweet water melon balance. Or if you are more into texture play – opting for a cream cheese is best as it gives the porous watermelon some slide.

Chickpeas/ Olives – Both add a welcome Mediterranean flair.

Almonds/Macadamia – Whatever nut is at your disposal will do . Nuts add some salt for that savoury edge.

Olive Oil – A basic necessity in any savoury salad. Non negotiable.

French / Italian Vinaigrette– For salads that have a mish mash of ingredients – its best to opt for a vinaigrette as it is not overwhelming on the fruit like a creamy dressing. I prefer an Italian vinaigrette as it incorporates a lot more herbs than a French one

Basil Leaves – They add a great finishing touch.

Go ahead and be a summer goddess with this great salad!




Pear Salad


Bartlett Pears These are the most pear like of pears if that makes sense? They are known for that traditional tangy but apple taste therefore they are best for this type of salad.

Spinach Leaves– Spinach leaves just really compliment the texture of the pears compared to lettuce. Plus they add a vibrant , rich green look to your salad.

Wild Rocket Leaves– They are the undercover heroes of the dish. Go wild with your choices

Pomegranates– The littles bites of fragrant sweetness are such a lovely added pop.

Walnuts – because fruit and nuts belong together.

Creamy Honey Dressing – this is quite the winter salad – so a warm, cozy and creamy dressing does the trick.

Serve it up with a lovely winter roast and make your winter dishes come alive.


Cantaloupe Salad


Cantaloupes– White and orange will both do.

Mozzarella – Matured mozzarella is preferable

Pancetta – It adds such a nice smoky taste to the dish .Prosciutto or baby bacon can also do.

Cilantro– just for a finishing touch.

It’s so quick and easy that it makes for a great breakfast accompaniment .

Indulge lovely darlings !

Savoury Sweet Blessings,

The Fofafist



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