Sports Luxe without the Gym wear…

Sports luxe is a new classic that permeated from ‘athleisure’ and is good friends with mimimal trend.

However if you are like me- and give your  leggings  an occasional questionable look but you still want to look sporty then look no further than this post.

IMG_0788[1]IMG_0789[1]A great way to avoid the gym look is to wear a knit in a structural form and solid colour. It makes the look more smart and put together.



To fully inject the sporty look- stripes on your pants is a fool proof way too. I love pairing this type of trouser style beacuse it doesnt look odd with a smart top and its quite flattering on the leg .

For the finishing touches- a clean camel coat adds a nice level of smartness and of course a cap for the cool factor deserving of this look.


Sports Luxe blessings,

The Fofafist


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